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  投稿日時: 2013-11-13 0:00:00 (14270 ヒット)

2013年9月24日に深圳シャングリ・ラ ホテルにて、I-Site HK, Crescere, ISLの三社協力の元ドキュメント管理システム(D-QUICK7)のセミナーを行いました。





まだまだここでは語りきれないほど色々なメリットが有ります、ご興味を持たれた方がいらっしゃいましたら是非ご連絡を下さい。(TEL:852-2781 8121)

最後にもう一度、参加頂いたのは皆様の、こちらの文章を読んでいただいた皆様に心より感謝申し上げます。ありがとうございます。I-Site HK, Crescere, ISLでは、引き続きお客さんのためにがんばります。

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投稿日時: 2013-3-28 11:20:00 (15637 ヒット)

The event aims at facilitating start-ups of new businesses and supporting the newly established companies with entrepreneurial information. This year , ISL will still keep trying to lay a substantial foundation for starting your business on the Startup Day.

Fair Details


31 May – 1 June 2013 (Friday to Saturday)


1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong KongHall 1E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Opening Hours:


Opening Hours

31 May (Fri)

11am - 7pm

1 June (Sat)

10am - 6pm


Open to public (Free Admission)


Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  投稿日時: 2013-3-1 11:30:00 (12712 ヒット)

Companys need such a PC, not only has the functionality of a normal PC, but also eliminates a lot of trouble even the troubles of installing and managing. Employees are able to enjoy the convenient of PC but avoid the complex parts, this is what Thin Client does.

Power of speed and security

We can imagine that Thin Client is a simple PC without hard disk and other storage components, it has not removable parts, the distributed network computing model is different with normal PC, applicability is the principle of Thin Client that lets several display terminal share server resources. Therefore, all calculations are processed in the server side. As a result of this Thin Client is designed to focus on the central processing, all of the computing, storage and other functions are processed in the background server, so it's background processing capabilities to be much higher than the general PC. Also, precisely because there are no moving parts, Thin Client can provide users with a more safer guarantee than an normal PC. Thin Client is ideal for information-intensive industry users and more often choose by such industry. Comparing Thin Client and PC, Thin Client has the advantages of manageability, security, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and low natural. In order to offers a better choice for the pursuit of stability, security and energy efficient enterprise users, Thin Client is ideal for the energy, financial, government, medical and other industrial. As the IT market continues to be matured and facing the change of enterprise computing, IT users, especially industrial users started to think about reducing the overall cost of ownership and information security.

The terminal of Post-PC generations

IT towards network- centralized generation "has been affirmed by the community, coupled with the security issues on a PC, most enterprises have realized that the PC are not Perfect as they imagine.

  投稿日時: 2013-2-2 9:00:00 (10497 ヒット)

投稿日時: 2013-1-15 9:00:00 (15702 ヒット)

ISL Datacenter provides quality datacenter services to all enterprises over the world. Several thousand square feets self-built datacenter located near the MTR line. New security system, air-conditioning, backup generator, FM200 system ... etc, which follows the professional Tier-IV datacenter requirements.
Welcome for queries.http://www.isl.hk/modules/sections/index.php?op=viewarticle&artid=167

For interested partners, please call 2710 9880 for further information.

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