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Our Services & Products

Internet connection service from soho to high speed connections
Fiber Internet Connection
High stability internet connections service using fiber network.
Firewall (Secure Wise)
Install, monitor and examine your company internet connection, keep it safe from risk.
Antivirus (Secure WIse Plus)
Protect all your company's PC from virus (including after sales service)
Security Assessment
Security Assessment
Web Hosting
Host your web page or web applications in our data center
Domain Register
Register your company domain name for e-mail and homepage
Server Installation
Installation and setup the server as your request
Server Rack Installation
Tailor-made server rack as
you need
Network Cabling
Cabling and network structure design to connect all your network equipments and internet
Network Monitoring
Staff Management through network monitoring
Intellectual record keeping and management of email, web mail, instant messaging...etc.
Datacenter Services
Datacenter Services
Ceph Storage
Ceph Storage
PC Troubleshooting
Fix your PC problems and make it work again
Server Troubleshooting
Diagnose server problem and implement preventive measures
AZ5 Mail
Safe and stable e-mail service with antivirus and spam filter
File Backup Solution (Snap Shot)
Back up your files into multi-historical archives
Server Backup Solution (P2V)
Make your server clone and
prepare it for cold standby spare on a daily basis
Remote Diagnostics Service (RDS)
Remote professional PC technical support to fix your problem
Project Management System (i-Project)
Manage and share your projects on net with stakeholders
Invoice & Quotation System (i-Order)
Make your digital quotation and invoice simply and quickly.
Sales Inventory System (SIoI)
Advanced version of isales.Streamline sales, purchase and inventory processes.
Account System (Web Account)
Automate businesses
accounting online and keep track of your finance easily.
Web Shop
Easy and quick web shop creation. Start your business now!
Web Development
Implement the latest technologies to your site.
Cybozu Benko System
Cybozu Benko System enables your office to collaborate on tasks, meetings, ideas or any office initiative easily and efficiently all in one place.
Sinotrix Human Resources System is an automated system for work attendance, door lock, security, remuneration and factory canteen payment management.
Veeam Software, a premier-level VMware Technology Alliance partner, helps organizations safeguard their investment in virtual infrastructure.
Create an agile and efficient business infrastructure that runs all IT services and applications with VMware, from the desktop to the datacenter to the cloud.
Web Site Consultation
Provide professional advices to page layout, image enhancement, usability, ad copy, and HTML
Web Site Design
Maximize the potential of your site from targetting and planning to professional appearance
Web Shop Design
Build unique design on a standard web shop
Blog Site Design
Build unique design on a standard blog site
Web Site Update / Maintenance
One time or Monthly maintenance for your web site
Photo Shooting
Photo shooting for corporate web site, web shop, catalogue, etc
CI / Logo Design
Identify your company by logo design for credibility and lasting recognition
Printing Design / Production Arrangement
Design and printing arrangement for catalogue, leaflet, name card, office stationery, etc
Goods Design / Production Arrangement
Design and production arrangement for novelty goods
Copy Writing Agent
Ad copy writing for web site, catalogue. etc
Translation Agent
Translation service between English, Chinese and Japanese
Total Creative
Offer total creative such as logo, printing, web and goods design

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