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 1. 機器、ハードウェア本体…含まれます
 2. 作業費用*…含まれます

 1. 機器、ハードウェア本体…含まれません
 2. 作業費用*…含まれません


 1. 機器、ハードウェア本体…ハードウェアベンダーの判断に拠ります
 2. 作業費用*…含まれます


1. お客様はISLまでお電話するだけ!ハードウェアの修理・診断もすべてお任せいただけます。
2. お預かりしたハードウェアの輸送費・配送費・インストール費用なども含まれておりますので、
3. データのバックアップサービスが含まれておりますので、ハードウェアの修理後、普段どおりにパソコンをお使いいただけます。
4. パーツ代は無料です。(ハードウェアベンダーの判断に拠ります)
How do I set up Windows Mail?(Vista)

Setting up Windows Mail
1. Click Start , All Programs , and then click Windows Mail .
The Windows Mail welcome window opens.
Figure 1: Windows Mail welcome window

2. Click Accounts from the Tools menu

3. Click Add in the right panel.
Figure 2: Internet Accounts window

4. In the Select account type window, select E-mail account , and then click Next .

5. Type a display name (the name the receiver sees after you send an e-mail).

6. Enter your Internet e-mail address name, and then click Next .
e.g. user@biz.hkisl.net
Figure 3: Internet E-mail Address window

7. Fill out the incoming and outgoing e-mail server information, and then click Next .
Obtain this information from your ISP (or network Administrator).
e.g. Incoming mail (POP3) server: biz.hkisl.net
outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name : smbiz.hkisl.net
Figure 4: Set up e-mail servers window

8. Enter a password. If you want to access e-mail without entering a password each time, click the Remember password check box, and click Next .

9. In the Congratulations window, choose to download e-mail now or later, and then click Finish .

10. The Internet Accounts window opens. Verify the email address and server, and choose which email account is the default (if you have more than one).
In this window, click Add , and repeat this procedure to add other email accounts.
Figure 5: Internet Accounts list
How do I set up Windows Mail?(XP)
Installing Outlook Express
1. In Windows XP, click Start and Outlook Express .
In Windows 98 or Me, click Start , Programs , and then Outlook Express .

Figure 1: Internet Accounts: Add Mail

2. In the Display Name field, type the name to appear in the "From" field of outgoing messages, and click Next .

3. In the e-mail address field, type the e-mail address supplied by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), then click Next . e.g. user@biz.hkisl.net

4. In the next window, enter the server information provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Enter the type of server that will be used for incoming mail, then enter the names of the servers to be used for incoming and outgoing mail. Click Next .
e.g. Incoming mail (POP3) server : biz.hkisl.net
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server : smbiz.hkisl.net
Figure 2: E-mail Server Names window

5. In the Internet Mail Logon field, enter the e-mail address and password provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the ISP requires password verification select Log On Using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) and click Next .
Figure 3: Internet Mail Logon window

6. When the Congratulations window appears, click Finish .

7. Close the Internet Accounts window, close Outlook Express, and re-open to complete installation.

8. The e-mail account should now be ready to send and receive e-mail messages.

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